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Millons of feet have walked on us during the last 60 years.

This is the best result we could ever get: it means that our floors are not just beautiful, they are also functional and perfectly adapted to the ambience where they are laid.

Right after the post-war period we have started producing, commercializing and laying wooden and resilient floorings and we still do it with the same passion. Our company can be considered a family run business, led by the third generation, featuring a long standing experience and a clear vision. Our experience allows us to have a vanguard research department, offering great solutions combining both aesthetic and biobuilding. Maccani also stands for a consortium of installers - which has been founded and which is monitored by ourself -, a solid sales network as well as two modern logistic centres.
We would be glad to be at your feet for at least other sixty years... or maybe more.