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Brands and Certifications

Experience makes you grow, growth leads to more experience and the deriving advantages for our clients are clear and touchable; such as our manpower - numerous and qualified-, and our products - tested and certified -.
All of our customers have, for any manner concerning administrative aspects, documents etc., only one competent and helpful contact person. This system allowed us to reach the following important goals:

Quality certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

This means that our intern processes are always explicit and clear.
Click here to request a copy of the SOA certification.

SOA Certification

It proves our long standing experience, which we have gained during this years.
Click here to request a copy of the CE approval.

CE Approval

According to current standards, all of our products are tested and CE certified as well as covered by guaratee.
Click here to request a copy of technical sheets and product's warranties.