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Who we are

Maccani GmbH, a family-run business, led by the third generation.

With honesty and passion we commit ourself daily in order to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction.

Maccani Company has been founded in 1946 as a resale for plastic products and has been afterwards specializing in the installation of floors. At the end of the 50s there has been a dramatically change including a great structural expansion combined with the search for international suppliers.
This changes lead to and stimulated the willing to operate and specialize in different areas of the flooring business and to improve the quality of the installation processes.
All this is strongly linked to the constant engagement for a 100% customer satisfaction.
A natural inclination to listen to the customer's demands that leads us step by step, to offer the best possible solution at the best price.

approx. 25,000 square meters installed annually

approx. 150,000 square meters sold per year

35 associated companies, only one contact person for the necessary documentation and administration

25 people are employed in Maccani Ltd.

100% regular pay and safety requirements

86% of the construction works are ​​public