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The company has been founded in 1950 by Giuseppe Maccani, who, at the end of World War II, together with his sister, started selling plastic products in the city centre of Trento. Thanls to the co-operation of important partners - such as Pirelli - Maccani soon specialized in the commerce and installation of the first resilient floors.

As, in 1956, Mauro Maccani succeed in the activity, he focussed on the building industry, developing important co-operations with international partners and training specialized installers. The range of offered products has been enriched and included also pre-finished and hardwood floors.

Finally in 1980 Maccani becomes a Limited Company and moved its headquarter as well as the current warehouse just outside of the city centre of Trento. The artisan vocation is now clear and the company keeps gaining popularity thanks to the word-of-mouth of satisfied customers.
The entry of Sara Maccani marks the beginning of a further, important step for the company: the development of a national sales network, for the distribution of pre-finished and laminate wood floorings as well as the foundation of another important project: the Consorzio Pavimentisti Maccani (Maccani floor layer Consortium). The consortium groups together Maccani's main partners, and allows to have just one referent for any administrative or management matters.

Since 2002, Maccani as well as CO.PA.MA have been awarded with the company quality system ISO90001 and the SOA certificate.
Beside the warehouse in Trento, the company can count on two logistic centres in Milan and Verona. The consortium is composed of 35 companies which are constantly trained and updated concerning on-site safety and newest materials.