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Each of our actions has only one goal:

"to offer long-lasting wellness-solutions"

Our company is moved by enthusiasm and determination. Typical features of a young and strong generation having core values and more than 60 years of experience in this sector.

The values that guide us in achieving our goals are:

1. Loyalty to our customers

We won't just sell a product, we want to offer business solutions and honestly win our customers' respect and trust:

  • The company grew thanks to a constant strengthening of our customers' loyalty;
  • Listen to our customers' needs, can only makes us more competitive

2. Beautiful solutions at affordable prices

We do offer functional and aesthetically beautiful solutions.
Because we're sure:

  • Beautiful things does not have to be also expensive
  • Only who knows the market of available products and cooperates with a network of professional suppliers, is able to offer the most appropriate product.

3. We're committed in spreading environmental awareness

We do encourage the use of natural resources by fostering the use of products which does not rest on the environmental balance:
Because we're sure:

  • Natural resources can be used in an economic way: for example by using regrowth woods, or woods coming from certified forests.
  • It is possible to live in harmony with the environment, in order to prevent it for the future generations.