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Building industry

Top quality for top results

There are many different aspects which have to be considered before starting with the realization of a wooden floor. Maccani offers its assistance from the very beginning: from the definition of the costs and the customer's needs to the final finishing. Thanks to an efficient and clear processing chain, every customer will have the chance to follow every single realisaztion phase. To valorize each stage of Maccani's processing phase, means to give value to the customer's needs.

Analysis of the terms

By analysing the terms of the contract, you can understand almost every aspect: Maccani's working experience  allows you to get a quick and economic quotation with no extra-costs. This means great security for each customer.

Work planning

As soon as the offer has been aproved, every working phase will be precisely defined. We choose the staff and organize every logistic aspect concerning the supply of materials and their timely delivery.


On site, our professional workers will perfom the installation in workmanlike manner. By having a look at the final result, the customer will apreciate both the aesthetic as well as the functional aspect of what Maccani invested from the very beginning: experience, professionalism and concreteness.

Maccani features 15 employees, 15 sales agents operating at national basis, as well as 35 CO.PA.MA (Consorzio Pavimentisti Maccani) - associated craft businesses: specialized layers operating in accordance to the company's values, from which they recieve an ongoing training and professional updating.

Our floors' materials:


The mostly used one, always finds several applications amongst resilient floorings. Linoleum is made of materials of natural origin, such as wood flours and linsee oil, which are applied on the jute fabric. An excellent solution for kindergartes, schools, offices and hospital floorings.


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, the most versatile plastic material known at the time. Thanks to its characteristics of flexibility and extreme recyclability it can be used in several applications in the sector of resilient floors.


Rubber enriches the resilient floorings with its natural features: comfort, stability, environmental friendliness, sound insulation, minimal maintenance and safety.
Great for all those applications where floors are extremely stressed.


Main material for any type of flooring. It is versatile, natural and resistant. It can also get a modern look if used targeted (for ex. in biobuilding).


Laminate floors feature an excellent connection between aesthetik and funktionality: varity in colours and cost-effectiveness are just of its advantages.


Its the classic floor solution, which is often used in the contract sector. The combination of aesthetic and functional aspects are its main features.

The most important reference list of the last few years

Clinics and hospitals
  • Borgo Hospital Trento / Verona
  • New Hospital S. Anna / San Fermo della Battaglia (CO)
  • New Hospital Acuti in Piario (BG)
  • Social welfare facilities in San Daniele del Friuli (UD)
  • Residence for Elderly Canal San Bovo (TN)
  • Cles Hospital, Cles (TN)
  • Clinic “Villa Ragionieri” / Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
  • USL n. 8, Asolo and Castelfranco Veneto
  • Civil Hospital Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
  • Regional Hospital “Villa Rosa” fraz. Vigalzano Pergine (TN)
  • Centro Soggiorno Mocenigo / Lorenzago di Cadore (BL)
  • Residence for Elderly San Vigilio / Spiazzo Rendena (TN)
  • Residence for Elderly Giudicarie Esteriori / Bleggio Superiore (TN)
  • S.Chiara Hospital: trasfer of the Orthopaedic Trauma Centre to S. Chiara Hospital in Trento
  • Policlinico University of Padova
  • Degenze e Nodo del Traffico / Padova
  • Sanitary District: building in via Amba Alagi, Bolzano
Institutes and Schools
  • School Complex Canal San Bovo (TN)
  • Trento University - Faculty of Sociology
  • University Village S. Bartolomeo, Trento
  • Free University of Bolzano
  • Gasteiner School Bolzano
  • Floriani Institute Riva del Garda (TN)
  • Edmund Mach Foundation (boarding school, Agricultural Institute) San Michele all’Adige (TN)
  • Elementary School “Amabile Girardi”, Fornace (TN)
  • New Nursery Valle Ziano di Fiemme (TN)
  • Secondary school “Gemelli” a Massanzago (VI)
  • Barbarani Institute Verona
  • Kindergarten Dro (TN)
  • Nursery “Peter Pan”, Ispra (VA)
  • School campus Moena (TN)
  • Elementary School San Michele all’Adige (TN)
  • Elementary school A ldeno (TN)
  • Kindergarten Segno (TN)
  • Nursery School Dro (TN)
  • Primary School Scurelle (TN)
  • International School for Advanced Studies,Trieste
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences, University of Padova (PD)
  • Regional Professional School, Bolzano
  • Kofler Foundation in Bolzano
  • Elementary School Ronchi, Valsugana (TN)
  • Gym Carisolo (TN)
  • Elementary school Falzes (BZ)
  • Rosenbach Nursery Bolzano
  • Rodari Preschool Bolzano
  • Accommodation for students, Via Weggenstein, Bolzano
Public buildings
  • I.P.E.S. social housing
  • via Roma 2 / via delle Terme a Merano (BZ)
  • Protected Psychiatric Accommodation in Bolzano, Via Dalmazia
  • I.P.E.S. accommodations, Via Cademia Ortisei (BZ)
  • I.T.E.A. - Housing
  • Nursery at Spini di Gardolo (TN)
  • I.T.E.A. - headquarter, Via Guardini, Trento
  • Centre for Civil Protection Borgo Valsugana (TN)
  • New town hall Faedo (TN)
  • C.C.I.A.A. headquarter, Trento (TN)
  • Palazzo ex compartimentale stazione S. Lucia a Venezia
  • Palazzo della Regione FVG a Udine
  • New Courthouse Brescia
  • Marco Polo Airport: Airport terminal
  • Passeggeri Tessera (VE)
  • Social Housing Monte Cucuzza, Potenza
Cultural buildings
  • New Theatre Giovanni da Udine
  • New City Theatre of Vicenza
  • Multiplex Cinema of Via Darsena, Ferrara
Private Housing
  • Wine Cellar VIVALLIS S.c.a. Nogaredo (TN)
  • Menfi Beach Resort contrada Bertolino at Menfi (AG)
  • Villa Waiz a Roncegno (TN)
  • Magneti Marelli headquarter at Corbetta (MI)
  • Water Park Gardacqua a Garda (VR)
  • Film Studies Pontini - Rome
  • Grand Hotel Terme di Comano, Stenico (TN)
  • Factory Tripoli (Libya)
  • Building Bakuba: Iraqi Army Baghdad (Iraq)