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The external flooring.
Preformed, removable,
suitable also for being posed on tough soils.

The characteristics of excellence:

  1. Preformed - In order to meet the numerous requests, Maccani created Easysand, the external flooring made of pre-assembled "squares" measuring 150x100 cm. This systems allows a fast and practical installation and dismantle, on any basis.
  2. Practical - With a guarantee of over 20 years, Easysand is the perfect solution for those looking for a practical and resistant product (low maintenance, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  3. Perfect on the sand - Thanks to its format as well as the practical steel clips, Easysand can be easily installed and dismantled. This specific feature makes it suitable for walkways and rest areas located on sandy soils on the waterfront.

Safety and durability at a competitive price
Easysand is a new flooring system for external areas, which, in Italy is marketed exclusively by Maccani. Compared to traditional products, Easysand offers an increased level of security and greater durability at a lower price. Composed of wood powder and thermoplastic resins, Easysand guarantees a non-slip effect which is much better, than that of wood. Also, since it does not change colourr, does not crack, not move and it is resistant to parasites, Easysand does not even require maintenance.

The beauty of wood, the benefits of advanced technology
The perfect alternative to wood. Easysand has the same shine and, thanks to the intervention of innovative conservation techniques that make it resistant to weather changes, it also has a better aesthetic effect. By choosing Easysand, you will contribute to environmental protection. In fact, every single part is recyclable and environmentally friendly.