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Now also in Italy
Therras - wood composite deck:
ecological and long lasting.

What is Therras?

It is an innovative external flooring system with wood effect. Absolutely ecological, it is obtained by processing the wood industries' wastes which - thanks to innovative production systems - are further integrated with high quality thermoplastic resins.


  • Therras is durable (it does not change in colour, it does not move and don't even crack),
  • it is resistant to mould and parasites
  • very easy and fast installation,
  • it is non-slip
  • it is 100% maintenance-free
  • it does not splinter
  • it helps preventing from deforestation,
  • reuse of wastes

For all of its features and advantages, wood composite floors find large application throughout the USA.

In Italy however, Therras has been introduced on the market only recently. The reasons are probably the resistance to changes and the predilection of Italians for natural wood - which is a unique material but has unfortunately also has a strong environmental impact.

Composite features the same characteristics of a natural wood floor: it has the same aesthetic value and it is also a natural anti-slip material, which, considering that it has been conceived for external application, and considering the different weather conditions it has to undergo, is a very important aspect.

Thanks to the special realization process, it is "ready to use". This is why it can be installed in a very easy and fast way. It doesn't need to be oiled, glued and does not even need maintenance.

Finally, the real wood is constantly exposed to any weather condition, and may be damages or broken. Composite however, keeps its features unchanged.