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Wood floors

The first good quality that characterizes a wooden floor, is the fact that it is NATURAL. Not just a high aesthetic value, but also a functional one. Environments featuring a wooden floor, are warm and pleasant. The shapes and colours are soft and relaxing.
The acoustic insulation is excellent and only a small part of the noise produced by trampling on its surface, passes through. Thanks to its mechanical features, the impact of trampling (thud) is significantly reduced.

Maccani's hardwood floors can be seen as the result of a continuous and long-standing research for raw materials that are up to our customer's expectations. All of the finishings are hand-crafted in Trentino, a land where the tradition of wooden floors is rooted in centuries. From classic ones, to those featuring modern finishings. Maccani floorings are painted using only water-based paints or, as an alternative, naturally oiled. Thanks to our craftsmen' great experience, brushing finishings (which are carried out using Teflon-brushes) always run along the wood's grain, while planing is still carried out by hand, as they used to do in the past. From the date of order, all of our floors need at least 15 days to be perfectly prepared. Because each Maccani floor is unique, exclusively produced for you that chose to trust us.

Maccani Parquet

2-layer and 3-layer floorings