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Maccani's XILOFLOOR Laminate Floorings combine the easy installation system (without glue), with a long-lasting elegance.
Maccani's laminate floorings, which, up to now have been mainly used on high traffic sites, will convince and satisfy even the most demanding client and enrich your domestic environment with a touch of class.
Fully resistant to shocks, high heels, chemicals, cigarette burns and light stains, Maccani laminate floorings can be used also on areas with underfloor heating. They come in strips, combined to a special anti-noise mattress, which not only facilitates the installation but also makes the floor even more quiet and stable.
Thanks to the patented interlocking systems "Vaelinge" and "Unilin", Maccani laminate floors will be installed without glue and even without the intervention of specialized personnel.

Available in two lines, SILENT CLICK (16 reference colour) and SILENT CLICK FOUR (10 references colour) XILOFLOOR represents the perfect solution to any need and to fit into any environment, creating a harmonic and relaxing ambience.

Maccani XILOFLOOR line has been realized according to main European standards.